What my work is about


My work is about the joy of seeing; of being aware of the world around me and pushing to find magic between painting, my objects, and the moment. Spontaneity is a key factor that accompanies my creative vision. I am inspired and energized by the freshness of each moment in the process of making, as well as new directions that arise and pull me with each new piece. My need for spontaneity is enhanced by the use of found objects.


The problem


The problem of found objects excites me because each piece I address presents different challenges. I aim to create moments of joy in home décor by adding beautiful colorful modern furniture that adorns an interior space the way a special necklace draws attention to its wearer. 


The style


Abstraction allows me to invent that which has never existed before. I am particularly interested in how the interplay of color and light creates illusionistic spaces. I employ rhythmic arrangements of abstract organic cubistic forms and versatile patterns to create my own visual language. 



The pieces


Each piece of upcycled or 3D made furniture I find speaks to me in it’s own way and gives me special directions. I enjoy creating sustainability in my work. The works get the best care before, during, and after being made to make sure they will live a long life ahead.

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Henley Beach

South Australia

I create for a better future.

Be Bold.

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