Color is said to be the key important visual experience that we, as humans, can have.

How come, you may ask? 

Here are 3 reasons.

1. Colour gives familiarity

For example, we know the colour for nature is green. When I would design a hiking app, I would use green as key colour as users would quickly link the colour to the topic; nature. Users quickly understand the use of the color green in this case. Similarly, a color like pink has a great use for wedding apps, for example.

2. Colour plays a big role in learning and provides a lot of information for our brain. 

It affects learning by the way your brain functions and uses colour to develop pattern recognition, memory and absorbing new information (find more info here). It can also visually guide you to locate, compare, understand and recall information faster.

3. Colour impacts emotions, behaviour, and affects moods

For example, bright colours can make us feel so happy as it relates to the nature, and beautiful sunny days. Personally, I love things that are filled with bright colours as it makes me feel alive. On the other hand, grey and colors like black or grey could create a feeling of sadness. 

How come colour has such a big impact?

Colour is a creation of our brain. Colours generate nerve impulses. Different colours have different wavelengths that fall onto the retina of our eyes and sensory cells. That’s how we see color differences. Because it’s so key to ourselves, we can respond very intensely to different colours. It isn’t a part of an object, it’s part of our senses, similar to seeing, feeling, and tasting.

On another note, culture has given us certain memories and experiences which makes us believe certain colours have a certain meaning. It’s important to point out that there is no word-wide-by-everyone-accepted meaning of a particular colour. If you google for example the meaning of the colour red, you’ll get ‘passion, danger, war, courage, and anger’. This is an accepted interpretation in the western world, as you see it for used for instance for traffic signs. However, the colour red in the Chinese culture has an opposite meaning, in this culture red is seen as luck, joy and happiness. This is one of the reasons an artwork might be differently interpreted by different kind of people, because they have created different experiences with the colours being used.

What could we do to uplift our homes through color?

May you be like me, and always looking for ways we can improve our home.  I have 5 tips for you.

1. If choosing a color, always do a comparison. 

For example, if you’re thinking of using a green color and you are looking at one color, it’ll just look green to you. But if you compare it with another tint of green, you’ll start to see the differences. What you see when you compare, are the undertones of the colors. Where the one green can have for example more red in it, the other can have more yellow. Comparing helps to better decide which color you want to go for.

2. The 60-30-10 rule

These numbers are the percentages of each color that your room can be made up of. It’s a general rule in design to make color combinations work. For example, you can have 60 percent of the color beige, 30 percent pink, and 10 percent copper in one room. The 60 percent, which is obviously the largest amount, will often have a soft undertone, as you don’t want it to become too overwhelming. The 30 percent is often a bit bolder, visually it will attract your eye to it. The last percent will be the most outspoken color, a color that really stands out.

3. Warm and cool colors

Adding a combination of warm and cool colors to your home can really uplift your spirit. Warm colors are ones that have tones of orange, red or yellow, whereas cool colors have tones of green, blue, or purple. If you’re not sure if a color is warm or cool, you can figure out yourself just by looking at it and experiencing how it makes you feel.

4. Check the natural light

The amount of light and where it falls has a large effect on which undertones, and weather either the warm or cool colors will be magnified. Blue northern light will magnify the blue undertones, whereas gold southern light will make colors more warm.

5. Add some funky art

Remember the 10 percent which can be bold? Why not be super-bold and add some funky art furniture into your home. Get some exclusive art in your home which will absolutely stand out as it will bring a positive, happy, and energetic atmosphere.

5 tips to make your home shine

5 tips to uplift your home through colour

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