How is the pursuit of creating art like the pursuit of love? I can see some similarities pointing out.

Creating art can have the reputation for being confusing. I’ve found the complete opposite to be true.

The beginning of my art journey was a greatly emotional experience.

The number of styles there are to explore, coupled with emotional attachments I formed with my style choices, made me feel like I was on an emotional rollercoaster – which I found to be like my early experiences with dating.

Over time, I’ve felt that the lessons I’ve learnt through dating have helped me become a better artist.

The difference as to whether you succeed in building a healthy, fruitful, long-term relationship with creating art – or whether you jump into a passionate, adrenaline-inducing but ultimately draining experience with it – depends on your mindset and your approach.

Here are 2 things dating and making art have in common, which may help you see how developing the skills you’ll need in one can help you excel in the other.

1. Be resilient

Dating can be a lot of trial-and-error. A person can go on many dates before eventually finding an ideal match. How many friends do you have or know that keep dating different people and never really settle? Yet they keep trying to find the one?

I certainly know a few. And I’m very proud that they never give up.

I hear them talking about a bad date and yet scheduling their next date with another person, and I find that really inspiring because they never seem to give up.

The same with art. You should never give up. If you feel your piece isn’t as great as you wanted it to be, that’s fine! Finish it and move on to the next one. See it in a way you can learn, next time you’ll do things different to get a better result.

2. Trying out different things leads to inspiration

When you’re dating you can get to know many kinds of people. Some you’ll find more interesting than others. And all of them have a different vibe and stories to tell you. You might get to know new places to visit, do hobbies you’ve never heard about before, or experience something you never thought you’d ever do. I did for sure!

Trying out different things is similar to when you’d be creating art. Try as many styles as you possibly can, even when they fail. Because from everything you try, you’ll get a better artist.

As explained in this blog I experimented a lot to get to the style where I’m at currently. And I will keep experimenting until.. well.. forever. 

Experimentation is key to enhancing my work. These are some styles I tried.

- Realism, portrait

- Abstract portrait

- Cartoon sketch

- Landscape abstract

I wanted to get good in them, but mainly I wanted to feel that this was the style I wanted to continue with. And I didn't. That's why I kept experimenting.

Also, staying curious keeps me excited, as there’s always something new to try out!

If you were to choose one style because you want to create a brand, but you feel your hands itching to create something else, I have 2 tips for you.

1. Don’t hold yourself back. Go for it. One golden advice from artist and mentor Alex Garant is that you don’t have to post things that are out of your ‘style’. You brand can be one style, but that’s not all you are or have. You have so much more! Art should be enjoyable, especially for yourself, as you are the creator.

2. Do one thing at the time and write all your ideas down. I have often been overwhelmed because I had so many things I wanted to try out and so little time to execute them. Then I ended up with not executing anything, or not fully being invested in them. Now, if I were to have many ideas, I’d write them down and only execute one or two at the time. I can then see if I like the outcome, and if I don’t, I would continue with my next idea. If I do like it, I might invest some extra time to iterate over the idea.

Dating and art

2 things dating and art making have in common

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