Just sharing a bit of my background and how I got where I’m at right now as an artist, beginning of 2022.

Always loved creativity

When I was a child, I was obsessed with photography and editing images in Photoshop. I loved it as I could play with shapes, colors, and light and make something different than how it was before.

Finished high school with a project to re-use old materials to design and make hand bags

As graduation project I wanted to do something sustainable. That’s why I created 5 bags from different materials, for example by using rubber boots, floor mats, and plastic drinking bottles.

Started studying and working in digital design

I actually wanted to study art, but I decided not to because I thought I didn’t have the talent needed to succeed and it wasn’t a good career path. I studied UX design instead as I thought it would be the perfect combination between theory and creativity. After graduation, I have had many different roles in visual design, UX design, online marketing, and user research.

Felt a bit stuck and wanted more creativity

In the digital design industry, it’s not only important that something looks good, but also that it functions well and that it’s according to the users’ needs. I have and am still enjoying this work, but what I’ve always been more drawn to is challenging myself and making something amazing that hasn’t been done before. Something that’s unique, as I love experimentation and innovation.

Worked on a job more visual design-related and realised that I could actually create something  attractive-looking

One of my previous roles has actually made me aware that visual art skills are SKILLS and everyone can learn them. If only they want to put the effort and time to learn them. When I found out I wasn’t as bad of a visual designer as first thought, I started drawing and sketching random things. It wasn’t that easy though to become a good sketcher. At some point I didn’t feel I was getting any better.

Challenged myself to get better

That’s when I set myself a challenge in learning how to draw and paint realistic portraits. I did this every single day for a month. That’s when I got bored and wanted to try out new things. That’s also when I realised that if I can paint and draw actual realistic portraits, I can do so much more.

Landed to the style I’m at now: abstract organic art

So I started experimenting with all kinds of different styles and materials; abstract, metal, surrealism, hyper-realism, and line art to name a few. I never thought I would stay with one style as I’m so drawn to always trying new things and challenging myself, but I found a combination to AND have my own style which I love and keep challenging myself as I paint on different objects.

Deciding to upcycle second-hand furniture and kitchen ware

I wish we lived in a totally sustainable world where we would decide NOT to purchase something new regularly, but to re-use or re-purpose what we already have. Unfortunately that’s not the case. So I made it my mission make the most awesome funky modern designs on second hand objects and give them a second awesome life to someone who loves it.

My journey as an artist

I didn't go to art school and became an artist

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