I designed an app that helps full-time traveling kids memorise their travel through Australia.

The steps that I took:
1. Kick-off
2. User research
3. Sketching
4. WIreframing
5. Hi-fi prototyping

1. Kick-off

I ran a meeting with the client to understand the problem they’re trying to solve, the key objectives, the features, type of device and technology.

2. User research

Due to business constraints I only had access to the clients’ experience. I interviewed her about her experience traveling with kids to understand how, when and why this app should be designed. I furthermore executed secondary research via social media groups.

3. Sketching

Before the sketches I created key actions per objectives. This helped to decide the content per screen. Then I sketched the key screens. With client feedback and lean desirability user testing, these were iterated upon.

4. Wireframing

To continue creating an as much user-centred focused design, I created wireframes and set up usability test focused on testing the content- and interaction with the client and acquaintances fitting within the primary target audience.

5. Hi-fi prototype

Designing for kids was a new challenge for me. I asked a colleague with experience in kids design for help. Thanks to her, I was able created the style, interactions, and branding.
I then set the requirements for the illustrations, and had a visual designer help me create some of the backgrounds and illustrations. We ran a usability test with 5 kids and their parents to test the interactions, understanding, flow and engagement.

The client was incredibly happy with the outcome of the design of the app.
It’s currently in development.

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