Security of Supply

Security of Supply


I create improved transparency to live field activities for asset owners.

The steps in this process:
1. Kick-off
2. User research
3. Sketching
4. Wireframing
5. Hi-fi prototype

1. Kick-off

I ran a meeting with the client to understand the problem they’re trying to solve, the key objectives, the features, type of device and technology.

2. User research

My key challenge with this project was that I had no direct access to the target audience.

I had no previous experience with the construction industry, neither did I first-hand see the problem my clients were trying to solve.

Nevertheless I wanted to create an app that was as user-centered as possible. I created a questionnaire for the clients to send out to the target audience and I ran 2 design thinking workshops about empathy with the clients.

3. Sketching

I analysed the results from the workshops, and questionnaire, and converged these into personas, and key actions that the app should perform. Then I created the sketches. With client feedback these were iterated upon in the wireframes.

4. Wireframing

Whereas the sketches focused on the key screens for the objectives, the wireframes were created to show and test the full flow, including much of the content. These were iterated upon based on client feedback 2 times.

5. Hi-fi design

I created the hi-fi design including the branding, illustrations, and all interactions. The design choice was chosen in collaboration with the client and after thorough industry and target audience research.

The client was very content with the result of the app, which is currently being build.

On my advise the client continues testing and is performing usability tests with the target audience to enhance user-centricity.

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Henley Beach

South Australia

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