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Henley Beach

South Australia

I create for a better future.

Be Bold.

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4 simple steps to start upcycling your furniture

Sustainability has been extremely important from a young age. I grew up surrounded by nature and animals, and I’ve always seen those as key pillars in my life. I been vegetarian for 10+ year, and 2+ years vegan for the animals, and to create a green, liveable future.

While I was experimenting and learning about styles and materials, I found myself more and more drawn to painting on different things. Just canvas felt limited to me. That’s why I started trying out painting on furniture and kitchen ware. Everything I painted on were already used products. I felt I was bringing two of my passions together; the ability to paint in a style that I love while keeping challenging myself and enhancing sustainability through upcycling.

Now, what’s upcycling, may you wonder? It’s giving useless, waste materials a greater value and a new life. Upcycling is a great way to reuse materials and reduce our footprint. You can do it in many ways, by for example reconstructing something, fix it where necessary, and paint it to make it look like new. You can use something that you already have at home, like an old cupboard or lamp, or search in your neighbourhood if there are some old items outside on the streets that could be revamped.

1. Find an object

2. Fix where necessary

3. Change/rebuild to how you want it

4. Paint it (or not!)

Learn more about How To Do It in the next blogs.